Bin Rentals

All Prices include HST
**Due to rising costs of fuel and supplies, our rates have increased, we also added more rental options**

10 yard

3 daysMost Popular$300.00

includes 1.5 tons

7 daysMost Popular$330.00

includes 1.5 tons

10 daysMost Popular$360.00

includes 1.5 tons

14 yard

3 daysMost Popular$320.00

includes 1.5 tons

7 daysMost Popular$350.00

includes 1.5 tons

10 daysMost Popular$380.00

includes 1.5 tons

20 yard

3 daysMost Popular$350.00

includes 1.5 tons

7 daysMost Popular$380.00

includes 1.5 tons

10 daysMost Popular$410.00

includes 1.5 tons

4 yard Concrete/Asphalt

3 daysMost Popular$285.00

7 daysMost Popular$300.00

10 daysMost Popular$320.00

4 yard Dirt

3 daysMost Popular$310.00

7 daysMost Popular$330.00

10 daysMost Popular$350.00

7 yard Concrete/Asphalt

3 daysMost Popular$340.00

7 daysMost Popular$360.00

10 daysMost Popular$380.00

7 yard Dirt

3 daysMost Popular$395.00

7 daysMost Popular$420.00

10 daysMost Popular$450.00

$18/extra day. Disposal charge of $101/tonne.
Cancer donation $1.00/bin rental.

For locations not listed, call for a quote.


Regular Waste

  • Roofing materials
  • Building materials
  • Construction and demolition materials
  • Yard waste
  • Furniture, appliances
  • Scrap metal
  • Tires (Fees apply)

Clean Waste

In order for a particular waste to be considered “Clean”, the bin must contain only one type of waste listed below. Sorting fee of $150.00 plus HST will apply if any are mixed.

  • Dirt (uncontaminated)
  • Concrete, concrete blocks, interlocking bricks, gravel
  • Asphalt

Prohibited Waste

Any waste considered contaminated by the ministry of environment

  • Batteries
  • Fridges, Freezers
  • AC units
  • Chemicals
  • Railway ties
  • Propane tanks
  • Paints
  • Vehicle, equipment oils or fluids (new or used)
  • Asbestos
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers
  • Fluorescent lightbulbs
  • Medical supplies, medication, syringes
  • Hazardous materials


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    For locations not listed, please call for a quote